Trauma Survivors’ Cafe

This is a private platform for personal injury attorney's who want VIP coaching or want to gain a better understanding of behavioral trauma associated to the IME, depositions and trial proceedings involving their client.   

The Thriving Survivor's Cafe is right for you if...

  • You have clients' that struggle with offering testimonies that are consistent and sticks to the facts. 
  • Clients are costing YOU money because they don't show-up to their IME appointments. 
  • You have multi-million dollar cases at risk because you don't understand your clients trauma. 
  • You want tools that can help you manage your trauma to enhance your work-life balance.

Choose The Best Plan That Can Help You and Your Client...


This is a 2 hour discovery session to meet with clients for an assessment. 


This is a deep dive pay-as-you-go package for attorney's that want VIP coaching or those that have trial cases and need immediate hands-on for their client.