October 21

Introduction to Eyes of Power

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Hi to all reading this: 

As our first blog post I want to introduce you to Eyes of Power and what we do and will be bringing you on this page in the future.

The scope of generational trauma, community violence and crisis is broad by definition, but they share a multidisciplinary relationship and remain a public health issue that has become widespread. This epidemic is vicious and has claimed the lives of many, leaving people distraught, traumatized, stressed and in a world that has lost hope, but are yearning for closure.  So how do people within these communities cope and get back to relatively normal living? And how do “we” as professional service providers help in this journey?

  • Trauma recovery support services
  • Crisis intervention and management customized training
  • Stress and anger response intervention and management
  • Community support / survival groups

When crisis is not dealt with immediately it can lead to the on-set of hidden trauma which is often ignored, and over time can cause depression, behavior changes, trouble with communication and relationships, to name a few. These changes can leave the deepest scars and can totally change a person’s life.

At Eyes of Power we believe you really can make changes that will strengthen you mentally towards a healthy, promising future. This is not magic; it does need work but Desheen has a deep understanding and experience and is committed to helping you strive towards recovery.

Desheen helps you to realize your potential as a human being by helping you create some realistic goals that are measurable and achievable with a clear action plan for getting through these traumatic times and challenges. She shows you how to transform negative thoughts and rebuild a more positive way of thinking that can remotivate your life into a positive daily purpose.

Desheen also designs and delivers training to help providers revamp current services that address the complex issues mentioned and to strengthen knowledge of trauma-informed-care practices for better outcomes.  To be most effective requires the insights, resources, and intelligence of many and it is simply no-longer possible for one person, one company or one organization to have all the answers. Therefore, it is essential for all professionals to participate in on-going training to put this vicious cycles of violence to bed, one community at a time.  

I welcome you to our blog and also to please comment and interact at any time as I want you all to feel you have a new community support system here.


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