August 5

Intrapersonal Communication



I often wondered what others would say if they knew that I talk to myself and at times answer myself?

Many years ago, I may have been frowned upon and/or stereo-typed as being a crazy woman., but times has changed and my behavior – engaging “Self-Dialogue” is another method of journaling my thoughts, a practice that I use as part of my Eyes of Power® Rectification Coaching Model for trauma recovery.

When we as human beings experience situations that causes us fear, pain or injury (just to name a few), our immediate reaction is to place blame and seek justice to give ourselves closure.

Making the choice to move on is a courageous act for trauma survivors’ and many can do so without professional support and just live with the painful memories that haunt them in ways that feel completely real and often causes them to self-blame and become silent suffers.  Closure gives trauma survivor’s a rite of passage to becoming the thriver they yearn to become.

At Eyes of Power we really believe in the rite of passage and that all survivors have the capacity to wellness that’s why we use a blended set of techniques (cognitive and behavioral coaching) to create the formula used in our Eyes of Power® Rectification Coaching which sets itself apart from any other coaching model.

Having self-dialogue is healthy and helps to identify what’s happening in your life, decisions you may be asked to make, a re-play of a situation you had and questioning your actions i.e. if there may have been another way to handle things.  Self-dialogue plays a key role to clarity of your next steps for a positive outcome.



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