About Eyes of Power 

Eyes of Power is an established certified Minority Women-owned Business that works with personal injury attorney's and their clients to address behavioral trauma. Our approach is client-focused and result-oriented.  

My Mission 

Helping attorney's learn how IME's and depositions trigger behavioral trauma for their clients.   

I know first-hand the emotional scars that trauma can cause and the stress that accident case proceedings can have, why? Because I attend these proceedings on a daily basis, I see the tears from clients, I've witnessed clients run out of their IME's.   These behaviors play a crucial role in the clients testimony and when not properly addressed becomes (learned helplessness) for the client and increases the chances of putting a multi-million dollar cases at risk.

What I Do

I have been very selective about my services. My tools are specifically designed to get clients to identify the triggers of their trauma caused by the accident, then I do a mock IME and deposition with them. After the service, I do a follow-up coaching session with the goal of the client ultimately becoming their own coach and provide the attorney with my assessment. 

VIP Coaching 

I offer private coaching to personal injury attorney's because when they attend depositions and trials, or even review cases surrounding the accident  it can lead to secondary trauma.

No matter how strong you as a lawyer think you are, at the end of the day YOU are a human being.  Looking at pictures from a clients accident, reading medical reports, and meeting with clients and hearing repeated stories about accidents takes a mental toll. How do you manage your emotions so you better litigate cases? Something to think about.

The Trauma Behavioral Coaching can help you and no need to worry about what colleagues may say... Its just you and me in the session and its confidential. By the way I have coached many attorney's.  

Remember that you can best help others when you have helped yourself.  

Come and let me help you keep multi-million dollar cases strong.