I Love Helping Lawyers

Have you ever had a client that was unable to cope with their trauma? Without proper coaching many of their problems are exacerbated. My tools are specifically designed to address the trauma of accident victims.  

I want to show you a couple of examples of how a client's trauma can influence your business. 

A Message From The President

My name is D'Sheene the creator of Eyes of Power Coaching and before sharing my message I want to "thank you" for expressing an interest in letting me save you money by helping your clients navigate the IME and deposition process.

Let me tell you why I am a highly sought after IME Watchdog. My referrals to IME’s comes from the originator of IME Watchdog.

Today there are so many companies popping-up, that even the doctors are becoming confused. For the doctors that don’t know me, they will ask me what company do I contract with and when I say the originators of IME Watchdog – they immediately say “Oh with Mr. Rosenblatt from Daniella Levi & Associates. 

When I attend these appointments with clients, I just don’t sit there taking notes to simply go home to write-up the report and that is the end of the story. I study their behavior, I listen to the client when I speak with them the day before and on the day of the appointment. Unfortunately, just being there for the IME is not enough.  

Having gone through these challenges in my own lawsuit, I know how emotionally draining these appointments can be. Continued re-traumatization often leads to behavior changes in daily living and even triggers the fear of not wanting to attend future appointments.  

As a lawyer – just think about when you send your client to these appointments even with an IME watchdog present. You have done your part, the defense counsel has done their part and the IME has been completed.  The lawyers and the doctors can easily move on, BUT WAIT... what about the client? They are emotionally drained and many are left in physical pain from the examination. They can also be frustrated from the repeated questioning and worried about the answers they gave. 

Sure, they are plenty of mental health services out there, but are they experienced with IME's and depositions? I doubt it, but I am!

I am well versed with a background in trauma, behavioral coaching and psychology and have many years of clinical knowledge under my belt as a Social Worker. 

I will work with your client so they offer testimony that is consistent and sticks to the facts. I then provide my assessment report to help you, as their lawyer, to better understand your client. My services help keep clients on track which leads to successful litigation and maximizes case value. It also improves client’s quality of life well after the case has settled. 

Can you even imagine a multi-million dollar case flopping or is now only worth a few thousand dollars because your client trauma got the best of them.

Let me share a few things with you about the IME process through the lens of a client and why you as their lawyer should...

Get your client the trauma behavioral coaching THEY NEED

I Drive Real Results

With 25+ years of clinical experience in psychology and trauma recovery I have a unique way of leading others out of trauma. You see, I understand hidden trauma and fear of trusting others that's why I build trusting relationships with clients, so together we can dig deep, get to the root of their trauma in ways that they are able to control their emotions and no-longer have their emotions control them. 


What They Say

Adam Rosenblatt

President, IME Watchdog Inc

I've attended hundreds of IME’s and have witnessed how emotional they can be. Some clients cry, break down and take breaks when they must relive the events of their accident. 

D’Sheene has added value to IME Watchdog service. How? Over the years she has been in such high demand – lawyers call me and specifically request her and I have had lawyers tell me that their client is refusing to attend their appointment if D’Sheene won’t be there. Their next questions would be, what is so special about this IME watchdog because this or that client’s case is worth a lot of money or this is a big case. I would tell them the truth – D’Sheene is highly educated and extremely skilled in trauma.

I welcome this new service that I strongly believe will help the attorney, their client and also other IME watchdogs. Lawyers will be able to better understand their client’s behavior, their client can get the help they need so they can best navigate the IME process. This puts the client in control and minimizes the chances of a decrease in case value.  

D'Sheene services will save lawyers money since there is a fee for every time their client does not attend their appointment.

At times IME bookings involve client’s that we call “high profile” because they needed a female IME watchdog or their case involved the death of another which can be very emotional for the client when attending an IME. I will call upon D’Sheene to cover those cases. I have even called D’Sheene a few times while she had been on vacation and she didn’t hesitate to accept the case.

Odd, but there had been a time where a defense lawyer called to retain her for an IME and D’Sheene despite the dollar amount referred the case to be booked through the IME platform. She is loyal to the IME watchdog company and this new service can only add value, elevate stress and keep money in the lawyers pocket. I believe that personal injury attorney’s would find value in this new service that could only lead to successful outcomes in their cases.


Jonathan E. Gold

Personal Injury Lawyer

I first met D’Sheene when she was my client. I can tell you firsthand that D’Sheene, like so many other clients, was experiencing trauma and fear associated with her lawsuit. Clients are scared to appear at their depositions, IME's or worse… their own trial. I once had a client who, without telling me, boarded an Amtrak train the morning his trial was set to begin because he did not want to deal with re-living his trauma. I had no idea he was so scared to go to trial and was forced to settle his case just before opening statements for pennies on the dollar.

Although it is no secret that IME’s, depositions and trials can be very overwhelming for clients, attorneys often forget this. We know that one of the keys to successful resolution of any personal injury lawsuit is to understand your clients; however, we sometimes forget what it is like in their shoes. I have called on D’Sheene for her expertise to help me better understand how my clients process their trauma and to assist them in dealing with that trauma. I believe that personal injury attorneys would find value in this new service that has helped me obtain greater outcomes in my cases.

I know firsthand that D’Sheene is in the helping profession and has had great success as an IME watchdog. She knows the field and knows how to pull back the seemingly endless layers of trauma, getting to the root of the matter and making a difference in the lives of so many. Additionally, I’ve taken her leadership course on best responses to trauma in the workplace and began utilizing the tools I learned to educate my colleagues in trauma-informed-care practices.  

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